11. maj 2018


Available through the webshop or by mail.

26. april 2018


SULPHUROUS have recently finished recording for their debut LP "Dolorous Death Kneel".
To be released on vinyl by Night Shroud, CD by Dark Descent and MC by Extremely Rotten during late summer/autumn.


A limited promo tape version will be available next week...

6. marts 2018

DEIQUISITOR "Downfall..." review


Deiquisitor - Downfall Of The Apostates
Boasting ties with Blodfest and Ogdru Jahad – two acts I passed comment on in what seems like a previous lifetime – dastardly Danes Deiquisitor churn out nine choice slabs of thought-provoking, unearthly and uncompromising Death Metal on their sophomore full-length, ‘Downfall Of The Apostates’.
The sound is heavily indebted to one of my all-time favourite DM hordes, namely the legendary Immolation (and Incantation, too), the lyrical themes dealing with conspiracy theories, occult science and extra-terrestrial existences … topics that would not feel out of place on an Immolation record, either.
Having missed the self-titled debut full-length (something I’m in the process of rectifying), I opted to buy this record due to the current buzz around Danish Death Metal and my partiality towards a blast of Undergang every now and again.
All in all, though on many accounts ‘Downfall Of The Apostates’ could be hastily dismissed as just another albeit solid Death Metal album (and how many of those does anyone truly need?), the simple fact is that this is an outstanding record in its own right. And it sounds fucking fantastic through headphones, perhaps the litmus test.
Completing the package, complementing the terrific music on offer, the label has pulled out all the stops in terms of presentation: the cover and artwork reek of class, with full lyrics (which make for a very enjoyable read … the truth is out there) included on the insert and a poster thrown in for good measure.
Evilometer: 666/666


3. februar 2018



DEIQUISITOR "Downfall of the Apostates" LP
The first part of the Downfall has begun with the LP version of the new album.
From beyond the reach of our solar system comes the Downfall of the Apostates.
Fast, brutal and unearthly Death Metal. The sophomore album by veterans of the Danish black/death circles.
These 9 songs were recorded at Ballade Studios in Copenhagen and mastered at Resonance Sound Studios by Dan Lowndes and are slightly more varied than the debut album, without at any time losing the uncompromising fist-to-the-face Death Metal approach for which these guys are known.
"Downfall..." dwells on occult science, conspiracies and the extraterrestrial and is accompanied once more by a MFJørg cover illustration.

The LP comes packed in a rough brownish cover with an offset printed insert + a poster of the full painting from which the cover is taken.


15€ + postage or 8€ wholesale.

Copies will be available in North America through Dark Descent and in the UK through Me Saco Un Ojo exclusively!

- and through these fine labels shortly:
Amor Fati (de)
Deadbangers (dk)
Extremely Rotten (dk)
Insula Music (dk)
Invictus (ei)
Iron Bonehead (de)
Krucyator (fr)
Martyrdoom (gr)

CD version on Dark Descent
MC version (EU) on Extremely Rotten
MC verison (US) on Headsplit