18. oktober 2018

PHRENELITH E.P. repress available now!

A repress of the PHRENELITH "Ornamented Dead Eyes" E.P. is now available...

4. oktober 2018

HYPERDONTIA E.P. repress available now!

The repress of the HYPERDONTIA "Abhorrence Veil" E.P. is finally here....

17. september 2018

PISSGRAVE "Suicide Euphoria" MC - Out now!

The remaining copies of the tape version of PISSGRAVE's debut album "Suicide Euphoria" are now available for sale as well.
This recording has lost none of it's mean and relentless attack on the senses since the initial release...
Can't fucking wait for new material!

PHRENELITH E.P.- Available now!

The PHRENELITH "Ornamented Dead Eyes" E.P. is now available for mailorder / wholesale.
This rotten slice of plastic includes 2 new songs recorded @ Ballade Studios earlier this year.

Listen HERE!

Postage is as always quite expensive - I can however send 4-5 EPs for the same price as 1 of these - so you might want to combine orders...

Copies should also be available from:
Dark Descent - USA
Deadbangers - Denmark
Extremely Rotten - Denmark
Insula - Denmark
Me Saco Un Ojo - UK
Reforestation - Russia
Seed Of Doom - Holland

13. august 2018


07/08/09.09 Copenhagen, Denmark - Pumpehuset Kill-Town Death Fest VI
10.09 Helsingborg, Sweden - Rebus
11.09 Oslo, Norway - Revolver
12.09 Stockholm, Sweden - PSB
13.09 Gothenburg, Sweden - Truckstop Alaska
14.09 Berlin, Germany - Urban Spree
15.09 Eindhoven, The Netherlands - Bloodshed Fest (Pissgrave only)

8. august 2018

PHRENELITH E.P. - Out soon!

The PHRENELITH "Ornamented Dead Eyes" E.P. will be available during the first week of September...

SULPHUROUS test press

The SULPHUROUS test press has been approved and should hopefully be available at the KillTownDeathFest.