13. september 2019

27. juni 2019

Out NOW!

DEIQUISITOR "Towards Our Impending Doom" LP

The 3rd full length of violent crushing DEATH METAL!

Recorded @ Ballade Studios in Copenhagen.

Copies Available at/en route to:

Blood Harvest (swe)  
Dark Descent (us)
Extremely Rotten (dk) 
Fallen Temple (pl)
Iron Bonehead (de)
Me Saco Un Ojo (uk)
Nuclear Winter (gr)

23. juni 2019

DEIQUISITOR Release gig.

The 3rd DEIQUISITOR full length "Towards Our Impending Doom" will be available on vinyl for this gig on Saturday...


28. maj 2019

DEIQUISITOR Test Pressing approved!

The DEIQUISITOR “Towards Our Impending Doom” test pressing has been approved.
We’re hoping for a late June release.

11. maj 2019

DEIQUISITOR "Towards Our Impending Doom" LP - out soon!

LISTEN to the title track!

Also to be released on tape by EXTREMELY ROTTEN and on CD by DARK DESCENT.

16. april 2019

PISSGRAVE - tape reissues + new shirt available now.

The 2 PISSGRAVE tapes "Suicide Euphoria" + "Posthumous Humiliation" are back in. 
Both in limited numbers

A new shirt is also available.
Printed on Gildan heavy cotton shirts 
Size Small + Large left by now.

28. februar 2019

PISSGRAVE "Posthumous Humiliation" MC - out now!

Philadelphia's PISSGRAVE are one of the rawest, most depraved, sadistic, and violent bands in present-day death metal and their follow up to 2015’s debut “Suicide Euphoria” is an album even more dark, surreal, violent, and perverted than its infamous predecessor.

Released under exclusive license from Profound Lore Records


“Posthumous Humiliation” is a slab of disturbing nauseating death metal terror. It's unlike anything going on in the scene today, pushing the sonic thresholds of the genre to new vomit-inducing levels. A sonic skullfucking devoid of amusement and pleasure, a celebration of pure torment and misery.

Copies going to:
Caligari (us)
Dawnbreed (nl)
Dismal Fate (i)
Me Saco Un Ojo (uk)
Musick Cadas (ind)
Prolapsed Head (us) 
Spawn Of Flesh (gr)
Syrup Head (us)