16. november 2016



CAUTERIZED "Threads of mortality" - Extremely Rotten
CURSE "Spawn of hatred" - Bifrost 
DEIQUISITOR "s/t" - Night Shroud
DUNGEON "English hell" - Me Saco Un Ojo
EGGS OF GOMORRH "Rot prophet" - Gravplass Propaganda
EXTRAKT "Extreme brutality" - Bifrost
HEAVYDEATH "The storm" Flowing Downwards
HYPERDONTIA "Abhorrence Veil" - Extremely Rotten
MASADA "Hideous rot" - Serpents Eve
NECROMONASTERY "s/t" - Impious Desecration
NECROT "The labyrinth" - Sentient Ruin Laboratories/Extremely Rotten
PHRENELITH "Chimaerian Offspring" - Extremely Rotten
PHRENELITH "Desolate Endscape" - Extremely Rotten
RAGING STEEL "Necromancer" - Bifrost
STÅLVARGAR "Stigma diabolie" - Levitate
SULPHUROUS "Demo XII"  - Serpent Pulse
VAPOUR "Violent primitive force" - Me Saco Un Ojo
VIANDE "s/t" - Impious Desecration
WÜRM'S TONGUE "Fungi from Yuggoth" - Silver Key

7" E.P.s:

CELESTIAL GRAVE "Pvtrefactio" - Iron Bonehead
DEIQUISITOR "Sword of pestilence" - Me Saco Un Ojo
FUNEBRARUM "Dormant hallucination" - Doomentia
HYPERDONTIA "Abhorrence veil" - Night Shroud
IMPURE CONSECRATION "Succumb to impurity fire" - Blood Harvest
SHEIDIM "s/t" - Me Saco Un Ojo
SULPHUROUS "Abomination temple" - Night Shroud


BLOODY SIGN "Chaos echoes" LP - Blood Harvest
DEATHCULT "Beast of faith" LP - Iron Bonehead 
DEIQUISITOR "s/t" LP - Night Shroud
EUCHARIST "Demise rites" LP - Iron Bonehead
EUCHARIST "Endarkenment" LP - Iron Bonehead
FALLEN ANGEL "Demo '92 - '93" LP - Serpent Pulse
FUNEBRARUM "Beneath the columns of abandoned gods" - Morbid Wrath/Doomentia
INIQUITY "Demo '92 - '93" LP - Serpent Pulse
KULT MOGIL "K+M+B" one sided 12" - Gravplass Propaganda/Revelation Ov Doom
LUCIFERICON "Brimstone altar" 12" - Blood Harvest
LUCIFERICON "The occult waters" 12" - Blood Harvest
MORTUOUS "Among the lost" 12" - Dawnbreed
NECROVATION "Ovations to putrefaction" demo 12" - Serpent Pulse
OBSCURE EVIL "Void fumes" 12" - Cavernous
SACRIFICIO "Guerra eterna" LP - Iron Bonehead/Nuclear War Now
SHEIDIM "Shrines of the void" LP - Me Saco Un Ojo
SUSPIRIAL "Delve into the mysteries of transcendence" LP - Equinox
USIPIAN "Dead corner of the eye" LP - Serpent Pulse
VOMIT ANGEL "Sadomatic evil" 12" - Iron Bonehead

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