15. april 2022

TETRALOGY OF DEATH - Release Gig May 6th


To celebrate the release of the record - 3 of the 4 bands will be playing at Beta on May 6th.


Beta, Extremely Rotten Productions og Night Shroud Records præsenterer en aften i den danske dødsmetals eroderede tegn, når vi fredag d.6 maj fejrer udgivelsen af den længe ventede 4-vejs split LP “Tetralogy of Death” med DEIQUISITOR, PHRENELITH, TAPHOS og UNDERGANG
“Tetralogy of Death” bliver udgivet til denne lejlighed af Extremely Rotten Productions og Night Shroud Records og er en split LP med nyt og eksklusivt materiale fra alle 4 bands, som er ment som en fejring og tidsstempel på dansk dødsmetal i øjeblikket
Denne aften vil byde på koncerter fra 3 af de 4 bands der præsenteres på split LP¨’en, desværre er det ikke muligt at få alle 4 bands med i øjeblikket, men vi glæder os til at præsentere DEIQUISITOR, PHRENELITH og UNDERGANG på BETA’s scene denne aften

14. april 2022

Out in early May: TETRALOGY OF DEATH - 4 way split 12"


The 4 way split 12" aptly titled "TETRALOGY OF DEATH" will be out on May 6th.

Featuring exclusive material by DEIQUISITOR, PHRENELITH, TAPHOS & UNDERGANG
Packed in a stunning A1 poster sleeve with grotesque art by Phoebus A. D. Moreleón - www.livogdod.dk

Talked about for ages - worked on for aeons - now finally ready to be passed on to your cold dead hands.

An exclusive colour version will be available through Dark Descend Records in the States.

Release gig announcement coming shortly!

17. februar 2022

Out now: DEIQUISITOR "Promo 2021" tape

 3 new killer DEIQUISITOR tracks from the upcoming 4th full-length "Apotheosis"
- to be released by Night Shroud & Extremely Rotten Productions later this year.

Originally recorded for the (postponed) split LP w. Copenhagen's CHAOTIAN
- now made available while we wait to be pulled further into the black chasm that is DEIQUISITOR....

Relentless and violent Death Metal recorded at the legendary Phlegm Studios.

15. december 2021

DEIQUISITOR "Promo 2021" tape


3 new killer DEIQUISITOR tracks from the upcoming, yet untitled, 4th full-length have been sent to the pressing plant.

Relentless and violent Death Metal recorded at the legendary Phlegm Studios.

The tapes should be here by late January/early February,

20. maj 2021

DEIQUISITOR "Religiously Endorsed Masochism" E.P. - Out now!


DEIQUISITOR continues to deliver their unique and unrelenting style on two tracks recorded by the band in the legendary Pleghm rehearsal space. This time offering an immediacy that is less obvious on the bands four studio albums.

Razor sharp precission in a mist of raw torment and chaos!

Mixed by JBH


A tape version is also available from the esteemed Extremely Rotten Production.

TAPHOS "Blood Plethora" E.P. - Out now!


Created in total spite. TAPHOS trample ever forward oblivious to contemporary fads.
Picking carefully from many revered acts of the past TAPHOS offer equally infectious and disorienting compositions.
Two tracks to appease the hunger for their upcoming 2nd album - a sharpenings of their agile and ferocious sound.
Recorded by the band and mixed/mastered @ No Master's Voice by MFL

Blood red wax for mailorders.