20. maj 2021

DEIQUISITOR "Religiously Endorsed Masochism" E.P. - Out now!


DEIQUISITOR continues to deliver their unique and unrelenting style on two tracks recorded by the band in the legendary Pleghm rehearsal space. This time offering an immediacy that is less obvious on the bands four studio albums.

Razor sharp precission in a mist of raw torment and chaos!

Mixed by JBH


A tape version is also available from the esteemed Extremely Rotten Production.

TAPHOS "Blood Plethora" E.P. - Out now!


Created in total spite. TAPHOS trample ever forward oblivious to contemporary fads.
Picking carefully from many revered acts of the past TAPHOS offer equally infectious and disorienting compositions.
Two tracks to appease the hunger for their upcoming 2nd album - a sharpenings of their agile and ferocious sound.
Recorded by the band and mixed/mastered @ No Master's Voice by MFL

Blood red wax for mailorders.


28. februar 2021

2 new test presses have arrived....


TAPHOS "Blood Plethora" + DEIQUISITOR "Religiously Endorsed Masochism" E.P.s have finally been set in motion for a spring release...

5. februar 2021

DEIQUISITOR "Humanoid" 12" - OUT NOW!


DEQUISITOR unleashes a fury of death metal with the release of their newest EP, Humanoid.

The trio attacks your perception of reality on this six-track assault.
Humanoid features raw and spiteful productions, and lyrics that portray the state of ignorance in which world leaders have trapped the masses. Fusing old-school death with unearthly aggression, Humanoid is best described with one word – relentless.

Black or clear brown vinyl available.


CD - Dark Descent Records
LP - Extremely Rotten Productions/Night Shroud
CS - Extremely Rotten Productions

25. januar 2021


Check out the fourth track Empyrean Lifeform from the upcoming DEIQUISITOR 12".
"Humanoid" will be available on Feb 5th through
Dark Descent Records (CD)
Night Shroud Records / Extremely Rotten Productions (MLP)

Extremely Rotten Productions (MC)